Wednesday, November 5, 2008


One thing I love about the Austrians, other than being amazingly nice folks, is their love of beer. I love beer too! In fact, I think I love beer more than any girl I've ever dated. At least beer can make an utterly boring conversation with a chick a million times more interesting. And if the both of you love beer, they up your odds tenfold of getting lucky that night. Beer equals fun and the fact that Austrians drink their beer outta HUGE mugs like Germans, makes them one of the more fun countries in Europe. Here's a little experiment I tried while drinking fat Austrian beers. Imagine for a minute that you're a chick (and if you're a chick, imagine you're.....a chick). The 1st pic is as if you're checking me out with no beers in you. Not so hot huh? The 2nd pic is if you've had 5 of them chubby suckers in your belly. All of a sudden, I look pretty damn bangable, don't I??? You can try this little experiment next time you're stuck with an average to below average looking date. You can thank me later!