Sunday, October 12, 2008


On a clear, sunny day, the city of Santa Monica can be downright magical! That's exactly how i felt once I got to the British sea town of Brighton this weekend. It looks just like Santa Monica, with the long stretches of beach, the outdoor vendors, the beachside restaurants and hotels, the crazy pier with all the carnival rides, and the massive homosexual population (or was that West Hollywood?).

It was really warm on Saturday too so it felt like I was completely back in California. The only difference was instead of sand, Brighton has hard-ass rocks as a shore. And they HURT!! And people lie right down on these rocks like nothing. It's like rolling around on concrete! Where's the fun in that? I felt gipped so I went on the pier, got wasted, and hung out with an old friend.

It was nice to see the beach again, feel the warm sun, eat cotton candy, ride carnival rides, and see two of the hottest lesbians I've ever seen make out on the ferris wheel. For a day, I felt like I was back on the west coast, and then I realized that unlike Cali, I don't need to drive home here so I ordered up four more pints and sat overlooking the ocean, reminiscing about home and scorching hot lesbians tongue wrestling on a ferris wheel. Ahhh, Brighton!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, missed SoCal, boo hoo. I feel for you, T. Where's the pics of the lesbians?

flatelephant said...

i'm glad you got your mandatory lesbian action in.

I don't know what you would have done without it.

Barbie said...

First of all, glad to see you finally behind the wheel again. Hope you didn't get a ticket! And as for the lesbian action, you just need some REAL action, just come up on your next meeting up here and you can look for some more!! ;0))