Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Rock Show

I finally got the chance to fulfill my childhood dream and see a show at the world-famous Apollo theatre!!! Unfortunately it wasn't the NY one but the one across from our Disney building in Hammersmith, London, which is pretty cool nonetheless. What more than made up for it was the fact that I got to see Chris Rock in concert. They were filming his next HBO special that night. Unless I wanted to drop hundreds of dollars to see him in the states, I didn't think I'd get to see him live, but in London, I got tix at face value which was 40 quid! The tix were in the very last row up top so I didn't even think I was gonna be able to see the stage. But a stroke of luck hit at the perfect time! One of the ushers asked if I wanted to upgrade my tix. I jumped at the chance cuz i was basically next to the toilet in my seat in the back. What i didn't know that the upgrace meant front row!! I was shocked!!! It's a surreal experience to sit that close to the entertainer as they stand right over you. He even would look you in the face after every other joke to study your reaction. I don't know if I ever laughed that hard before and cameras are in your face so I'm pretty sure I come off as looking like there's something seriously wrong with me. Check it out when it comes on cable. He does like half an hour on the election and smashes it!! You might even get to see a bulgy-eyed asian dude pissing himself if you stare hard enough.


Anonymous said...

Tanner! You're living like a rock star! If your next entry has anything to do with you getting to discuss foreign policy with Mike D over a drink after the upcoming tribute show I swear I'm gonna sh*t myself. You're money, Baby!

Sarita P said...

Eric, I can't believe this! And what is this recurring theme of "toilets" that keep coming up. Haha... this is awesome.