Sunday, October 5, 2008

(Not So) Fun at the Museum

Every now and then, you come across certain things that don't necessarily meet your expectations. Examples for me would be them Star Wars prequel flicks, that leaning tower of Pisa (it's not that big in person), and PCP. I went to another museum this weekend with pretty high expectations just based on the name of this place. From the name, I thought I was gonna see all kinds of historical artifacts of the "adult" variety. Maybe a few photos, some videos, and maybe a peep show or two. What I actually saw was so far from that. I'm not saying that the place sucked cuz they do have a lot of interesting preserved animals and ancient art like any real museum. It's actually a really great place for kids to learn. I just think they really got to do something about that name and 'erect' sign of theirs.


Larry said...

You should have just catch Liverpool - Man City match instead. What a comeback.

flatelephant said...

Don't lie, we went to see the first SW prequil 3 times i think, at least 2.

you loved it.

I can still hear you talking about how much you loved jar jar in my head.

Vince M. said...

Very funny, Eric. I'm loving this blog. I hope you keep adding to it wherever your travels take you.