Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Got a Gig!!

It almost seems as if I just landed in London and already, the office has put me to work. I knew that they were gonna give me projects that were a bit different from my daily duties back in L.A., but I had no idea that they had this in mind. The project involved me, a few buckets of paint, and an ice cream truck. Apparently the city is full of these crazy trucks and it's my job to give 'em a little Disney magic. I'll be the first to admit, them characters ain't no John Quinn or Jeff Shelly's. Heck, I'll even bet that they might be a tad bit off-model. What do you want from me? I never worked on these characters before so whaddya expect? Was Rome built in a day?? But how about that typography huh?? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! The answer is yes kids, you bet your sweet ass that it was all 100% hand done!! I didn't even bust out a ruler or anything. I'm especially proud of that quote I came up with on the back. In fact, I'm already designing some undies with "Often Licked Never Beaten" plastered across the front....and back. I'll post pics and take orders as soon as I get them printed up!

p.s. I assure you, at some point I promise to post a legitimate entry...once I sober up.

p.s.2. With me gone, the filth factor at the L.A. office must be at an all-time low. Enjoy it while you can!!!


Anonymous said...

Dude! You forgot your skateboard?! Way to represent.
Van looks great, bro. We all miss you here. Vince and I are trying to make up for your absence by smoking indoors and throwing rocks at people passing by outside the building. But strangely enough it pales in comparison to the filth you usually deliver. Oh well. Don't let London tame you. Give em hell!

Stacey Aoyama said...

Wow, that's an awesome first project! Did you come up with that slogan "often licked never beaten"? hehe.
It's even more impressive knowing you probably did that either drunk or hung over AND you didn't need a ruler! How do you do it?

Tanner said...

I'll try Hutch! Keep smoking like chimneys and flicking the butts into Ron's cube while he's gone ;)

Stacey, when you're drunk ALL of the time, you learn to function pretty good actually. hehe.

nic said...


"often licked never beate.....zzzzzzz...."

Glad you're posting. Keep em coming!

MOOZIQU said...

OMG - that's a typical European slogan. How did you "gringo" come up with that ;)