Friday, August 29, 2008

Forget Compton!!

I always thought that the downest G's lived up in South Central L.A. or in the ghettos of Detroit. While they may have to occasionally dodge a bullet or two, I came across a hood that's even more hardcore than that. These fools ain't dodging bullets, they're dodging LAVA!!! Can you get any downer than that?? They're rolling the dice against mother nature and mother nature is one crazy Beeotch! This is a pic of the Stromboli volcano which is a few miles off the coast of Italy. Yes kids, that's a live, lava-spewing volcano. I've circled the town in the photo below. The town itself is pretty pimped, with a pier and quaint homes with incredible views of the ocean....and of LAVA! Maybe they're just a confident group of folks who love living life on the edge, or maybe they are confident that they've survived on the island for years and years and the lava will never ever get them. All I know, is that I couldn't wait to get the F away from there. I'll take a bullet in the arse over burning up and melting in LAVA any day!


Larry said...

That looked awesome. We saw it in the dark. But it did provide us with some great fireworks. An interesting fact is that the size and frequencies of the eruption have been roughly the same for hundred of years. takes some balls to live under an erupting volcano. Do you supposed the inhabitants were thinking - "Hey, that volcano is erupting! Let's live there!."

Sarita P said...

As someone who grew up in Carson back when gangs were REAL and fought with their fists, I would LOVE for one of these hardcore Lava homiez to set some peeps straight. Haha! Now I drive around in the Valley and see these valley kids put bullethole stickers on their cars. What?

Oh *sigh* Now you're making me miss when people would walk around the 'hood with cardboard boxes, ghetto blasters, and their entire crew to battle it out. Good times!