Monday, August 25, 2008

Notting Hill Carnival

This Bank Holiday weekend, the Notting Hill Carnival came to my hood. I wasn't quite prepared for how HUGE this thing is. It's like the equivalent of a Mardi Gras or the Brazilian Carnivale for Britain. It's a celebration of Caribbean culture and they basically close down the entire town of Notting Hill and have a parade with all sorts of extravagant costumes and bands. There are also hundreds of food and merchandise vendors that line all the various streets. The Red Stripe beers are also sold all over the place and you can drink anywhere outside which is unheard of in the states. With all the amazing things going on around the carnival, you would think that my full attention would be focused on the huge extravaganza at hand. Haha! Not so fast there, mi amigo! I completely lost all interest in the carnival and focused on what I think might be the greatest invention of our time. Yes, buddy ol' pals! That's some sort of four-sided outdoor urinal. You would think that it might be a little embarrasing going in broad daylight in front of complete strangers, right? Na-uh-uh!! When you're full of 5 tall boys of Red Stripe, you'll gladly go wherever you can find a drain. The outdoor urinal does away with the unbearable stench of your everyday port-a-pottie and it even feels good to let junior out and catch a nice, cool breeze. These suckers should be standard on every street corner in every city. Them crazy europeans have done it again!!

ps. Thanks for the photo Ron! I'm so gonna get you!!


Anonymous said...

OMG! What happens when girls have to go?!

mark gabriel said...

i think those are for peeing, not pleasure...but i do applaud the "O" face in public.

Tanner said...

Thanks MG! I appreciate the props, but I think that's more of a 'WTF! are you taking my pic for!!!' face. But the pleasure was 100% correct! I REALLY had to go!