Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fun at the Museum

Every weekend, I try to hit one of the many museums around London. The other day, I finally got to visit the British Museum which, since I really dig history, was my favorite one thus far. From the Rosetta Stone, to a massive Egyptian collection, to an entire wing dedicated to Ancient Rome and Greece, the collection was very impressive and pretty overwhelming. It really makes you appreciate what folks through the ages have accomplished. With something so serious like the history of man on display, you would think I'd have a tough time finding any humorous artifacts there. Haha! Think again my friend. I came across a series of wall sculptures by some Roman dude with a bit of a funny bone. If you look below, a pecker-less warrior takes on a centaur with nothing but his bare hands. Fortunately, he knows how to kick. But unfortunately, the man part of the centaur threw him off cuz he attempts to kick him where his balls should be....if he were a man. But he's a centaur with a pecker way back there like a horse so the kick does absolutely nothing to him. The centaur stampedes the pecker-less warrior to death and steals his coat. Well done centaur! Foolish humans!! The history of man may go back a few thousand years and may continue for thousands more, but humor, my friends, is timeless.


Larry said...

Ah...I know of these sculptures. They were created by a Roman name Comedeus. Yes, I heard he was a funny guy. Good stuff, T. Can't wait for your next adventure.

Tanner said...

Haha! Comedeus! Good one Larry. I'm glad someone finds my sense of humor actually funny. I think I've scared all my coworkers off this blog. But I'll continue to bring you all the twisted adventures from Europe Larry!! Thanks!!

Ed said...

What`s a museum ?

Anonymous said...

good stuff tan. just got all caught up on yr "little" jaunt.

keep it coming.

come home soon. i'm drying out


Vince M. said...

I'm writing this comment just to apoligise to you. I've been off the 'grid' and not grasping almost EVERYTHING you've been posting, though that hasn't stopped me from making the most off-base and stupid left-field comments imaginable. I think it's just because I miss you so much. And I had no idea of what you were referring to.

For instance: they've ve just installed the directional signage that you spoke of in a few posts ago. Forgive me little brother, but sometimes I know not what I speak of, even though it doesn't stop me from commenting.

Now that I see them I'm informed.

Maybe the best track for you to take is to ignore evertything I write here until I can give you a big welcome home hug, say hi and catch up.

Can't wait 'til you're home... it's not the same without you.

Ed said...

I hate when people spell "eveything" wrong!!

Not "everytything". Come on Vince, you know that drives me nuts.

Tanner said...

Ed, you're absolutely right! I think even Photoshop has a spellcheck. There's no excuse!!! ;)

Yo Vinny! Don't worry about it sir. I don't expect everyone to like everything I do. I post whatever comes off the drawing table, whether it be a crappy napkin comp or polished final poster. Although the goal is to please as many folks as I can, I'm used to taking criticism and as you know, I have a pretty tough skin. As long as I know why someone didn't like something, i find even a negative comment to be a positive experience.

Now toss me a smoke and give me a hug you crazy bastard!! I miss all's y'all!!