Sunday, September 21, 2008

Paradise Lost

This weekend, we were blessed with the sun and warm temps again. Wuppp-eee! I took a train out for the day to Bath, which is about 90 minutes southwest of London. For being not so far from the city, Bath actually felt nothing like the other places in the UK that I've been to. It kinda felt eastern european in a way. Maybe it had to do with the rolling green hills, the unique architecture of the homes and churches, and the canals that snake through the town.

It's a pretty beautiful and amazing place. Very laid back and the folks seemed pretty happy, laying in the grass and walking along the river. You can even watch their pro Rugby team practice just past the canal.

With the combination of the awesome weather and the exquisite backdrop of this quaint town, you'd pretty much think everything would be perfect right. After all, I can't imagine paradise being to far from a nice day in Bath. You'd think that...and you'd be wrong my buddy ol' pal! Just when I thought nothing could spoil my day. These two jackass street performers decided to strip down into nothing but g-strings and take over the main square with some kind of perverse acrobat act. Don't get me wrong, it started off pretty funny, but then it just went downhill from there. Dudes NEVER look good in g-strings. That "bulge" ruins everything!! And it didn't help that the one guys head always seemed to be in the vicinity of the other guys groin or butt cheeks. Hey, I don't tend to judge anyone and what people do in their free time is their own business, but c'mon man, would it hurt to put some shorts on?!?! I didn't feel much like eating after, so I got trashed in a pub while watching the Man. U vs. Chelsea match. Ah, beer and soccer makes you forget about a lot of things. Even guys in g-strings dry humping in public. No wonder beer and soccer are so damn popular here!


Anonymous said...

Great to see y'r enjoying London a bit.

Fancy a speech ?

Larry said...

...better than naked old guy on a bicycle that I seen in Barcelona. Really...I'm still traumatized.

flatelephant said...

always with the naked men when it comes to you.